Friday, July 20, 2012

Torani Syrup Sale - Buy Coffee Canada

torani syrup sale
This weekend only - Buy Coffee Canada is offering a sale on Torani Syrups. Get your favourite flavous for just $9.95, so stock up and try some new flavours!

Torani has a massive lineup of over 100 syrups, including regular syrups and sugar-free versions sweetened with Splenda. This makes them perfect for anybody - from those who simply enjoy a little flavour to those looking to add some spice back into their diet. The syrups are now available right in Canada so that you don't have to pay excessive shipping fees.

Whether you're looking for Caramel or Vanilla for your daily coffee/latte, or a Peach or Raspberry to make an ice-cold Italian Soda on a hot summer day, you'll find something to tickle your fancy. With close to 90 years of flavoured syrup experience under their belt, Torani knows what customers want and people are never disappointed.

Buy Coffee Canada stocks thousands of bottles direct from Torani, holding one of the largest inventories in Canada. By cutting out the middle man, we're able to offer the best prices on Torani's huge lineup of delicious products. Taking advantage of this deal is one thing you won't have to say you're sorry about, Eh.

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