Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Bodum Pavina Double Walled Glasses

bodum pavina double wall glasses
Bodum's Pavina Double Wall Glasses offer a very neat, very elegantly designed glass for cafes to serve their customer both hot and cold drinks. The contents of the glass are fully visible thanks to 2 layers of Borosilicate glass, which offers higher heat resistance and higher strength for it's weight.

Measuring a relatively tiny 3" Diameter x 3.5" Height, they are easy to hold in your hand and don't require a handle due to their heat-resistance. The air space between the double walls is ventilated at the base of the glass to allow hot air to escape and prevents a build up of pressure within the glass.

Bodum is known world-wide for high quality french presses, and is an expert in designing products meant for hot beverages. With the new double-walled glasses they are adding an additional way to present cups of coffee to patrons of your cafe, that is sure to leave an impression.

Not only meant for hot drinks, they can be used for iced drinks as well. It's recommended that the liquid be placed in the cup before the water to prevent any damage.

They can be found and purchased for coffee shops all across Canada at

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