Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Kenya AA Coffee Beans in Canada

Kenyan AA Coffee beans originate from Kenya, and are classified by their "AA" status - "AA" being the largest size beans, which deliver the fullest flavour in coffee because they contain the most of the "essential flavouring" that is present in the oils.

Kenyan AA Coffees are grown and cultivated on plateaus. They make up some of the well shaped and densest coffee beans on the market. Their preparation ensures that as much of the taste-containing oils are kept, giving the beans an amazing aroma and unique flavour by coffee experts.

The beans are wet-processed in a tank after having the skin of the coffee cherry peeled off, meaning that they are left to soak in a fermentation tank. This process allows the bean's own enzymes to loosen residue off their surface. After being removed from the soaking tank, the residue forms a paper-like layer on the outside of the bean which can then be easily removed using a mechanical huller. The beans are subsequently sorted by their size in the milling stage.

To get the best taste out of your Kenya "AA" Beans, you should be ordering from a roaster who is familiar with processing and roasting the Kenyan "AA" Beans. BuyCoffeeCanada is proud to offer the perfect roast for your coffee beans, which are only roasted and ground after your order has been placed. This ensures you get the freshest beans possible, delivering the best possible taste.

Kenyan Coffee Regulations

The national Kenyan Coffee Board works alongside the small farmers to maintain a consistency among the quality of coffee that is exported. Ranked as the 3rd largest export from Kenya, the milling and marketing of the coffees are carried out by cooperatives who maintain a base-level of quality. This ensures that the reputation of the beans is upheld by everybody in the region, benefiting the consumers as well as the growers. The Coffee Board makes sure that all its' farmers (large or small) are countinuously educated about the cultural and agricultural aspects of their roles.

The Kenyan Government is a large proponent of the coffee industry (since it accounts for a large percentage of its' exports). It reinvests constantly in the research and development of its' coffees. Development of strains of coffee that is resistant to disease have been pushed as an economically viable alternative, though the world-wide community has met the claims with doubt. The new strain - while tougher - tends to be lacking in taste and many of the distinctly Kenyan subtleties. In blind taste tests, the genetically altered strains have been completely different from traditional Kenyan beans.

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