Thursday, June 6, 2013

Rooibos Red Espresso in Canada

Red Espresso is a Rooibos tea that has been formulated and ground to a consistency for use with Espresso Machines - it is "Espresso", but it isn't made from coffee. Unlike traditional coffee-bean espresso, this Red Espresso contains zero caffeine, making it ideal for a late afternoon or night time espresso or latte.

Latte? Yep. Everywhere that you can use a regular espresso, you can use Red Espresso. That includes lattes, cappuccinos, Macchiatos, Americanos and Iced drinks. The crema is present from the brewing process, giving you the full flavour of the drink.

What does it taste like? Well, generally sweeter than your typical espresso. There is still some of that earthy taste, but with more woodsy undertones. It tastes just like Rooibos tea because that's what it is - but at a much higher concentration. A standard shot will give you about 10x the anti-oxidants of a standard cup of Rooibos, and 10x the flavour.

There is a 1000g Red Espresso (1kg) package available for bulk purchases - coffee shops, restaurants and cafes in Canada (or someone who REALLY loves it), priced at about $47 per 1kg bag.

There's also a smaller, 125g Red Espresso bag available for those who are interested in trying out the premium tea-turned-espresso priced at just $8.00.

Preparing a shot of Red Espresso
  1. Ensure your espresso machine is clean
  2. Use a double filter basket
  3. Fill your double basket with red espresso (14g)
  4. red espresso expands in hot water so do not overfill the basket!
  5. There is no need to tamp
  6. Express a double shot (60ml/2oz)

Red Espresso Cappuccino Recipe
  • Prepare Red Espresso using instructions above
  • Heat and foam milk
  • Serve with honey and cinnamon
  • May also add vanilla, caramel or cinnamon syrup

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