Thursday, June 16, 2011

How to Create Staggered Quoins

The visual effect of staggered quoins can be achieved by 2 means - using different sized quoins, or using a quoin with 2 different sides and alternating which way they are installed.

Decoramould offers two sizes of quoins to achieve this, in 2 different design styles. The files style is the Quoin 001 and Quoin 002 (click for pictures), which are both straight edge - and the second style is Quoin 005 and Quoin 006, which have beveled edges.
Quoin 001 and 005 are 12" in height and have 12" width along each side of the wall, while Quoin 002 and 006 are 12" height but 16" in width along each side. What happens is there is a 4" 'step' every 12" height up the wall.

Aside from the style of the quoin itself, the home owner needs to decide whether they would like to install the quoins stacked directly on top of one another or with spacing between. The beveled edge quoin is required if they are to be stacked directly on top of one another to provide a seam between the quoins, because the flat quoins would join seamlessly together and look like just a straight corner as opposed to quoins.

Typical spacing for quoins depends on the look that the home owner is trying to achieve. Spacing as low as 2" isn't uncommon, up to half the height of the quoin itself (6"). There have even been projects installed with 12" spacing between quoins, but this tends not to be very common.

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